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About Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board

About Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board

Madhya Pradesh State Waqf Board is a statutory body constituted by the Government of Madhya Pradesh Under Section 14 of the Waqf Act 1995. The Waqf Act, 1995 (Act No.43 of 1995) which came into force on January 1, 1996 by repealing the Waqf Act 1954, intends to provide better administration of waqfs. The State Government appoints a Chief Executive Officer for the Board in consultation with the Board Under Section 23 of Waqf Act, 1995.  The Board is empowered by the Act to appoint such number of officers and  employees as may be necessary for effective performance of its functions in consultation with the State Government Under Section 24 of Waqf Act,1995. There are 14780 Waqf estates like Mosques ,Qabrastan, Dargahs etc. are registered with this Board.
The Head Office of  the Waqf Board is located near Tajul Masajid, Royal Market, Bhopal and is mainly responsible for the supervision and administration of all Waqf Institutions and its attached properties spread over the entire State.The Board consists of elected and nominated members from various categories which are mentioned in the Waqf Act. The Madhya Pradesh State Waqf Board came into existence in the year 1961 under the Chairmanship of Janab Haji Eisa Bhai Sahib.


The computerization of the Waqf records :

Preservation, Protection of the Waqf Records, Computerization and Development. The M.P. State Waqf Board received Rs. 27.10 Lakh, granted by the Ministry of Minority Affairs for computerization of the records of Madhya Pradesh State Waqf like other Waqf Boards of India on July 12, 2010 under the scheme of 11th five year plan of the Minority Affairs, Govt. of India to protect the Waqf Records of the Board. And to complete the Waqf Record Computerization Project the second installment i.e. 13.00 lacs have been provided to the Board on behalf of the salaries of the technical manpower and maintenance of Centralized Computing Facility(CCF). The Progress Report of the Madhya Pradesh State Waqf Board Computerization Project is as follows: 1. There are 14780 Waqf Estates are registered at M.P. Waqf Board, Bhopal so far. The Pre-digitization and Digitization works have been completed. 2. The above records have been uploaded in WAMSI-DMS. As per the instruction of the MoMA it has been sent to NIC-PMU(WAQF) New Delhi. 3. The Registration of all records has been made. The information of immovable properties are being entered. Almost the information of all immovable prooperties have been entered in the online Registration Module so far which are available in this Board as per the Gazette Notification. The immovable properties records being updated after spot verification if any found. The date entry has been started in other modules of the MoMA i.e. Litigation and Leasing Module. Around 2755 and 127 and 645 records have been entered in the Litigation,Leasing and Return Filing Module respectively.
M.P. SWB Computerization Implementation has been appreciated by MoMA and NIC-PMU(Waqf) New Delhi  M.P. Waqf Board is a Role Model for other states of the country. The Ministry of the Minority Affairs New Delhi has appreciated the M.P. State Government and the State Waqf Board by making the M.P. Waqf Board a Role Model for other states. The Ministry has expressed its views in its Office Memorandum dated 12th July, 2011 as under -  “ Secretary (Ministry of Minority Affaris) appreciated the efforts of the Madhya Pradesh Wakf Board. Secretary (MA) advised other States to consult the M.P. Board for guidance if they were facing any problems in the Registration Module”.  He(Secretary of MoMA) observed that the progress of performance of the WBs of Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu was exemplary. The NIC-PMU(Waqf), New Delhi has expressed its views in its Status Report of Waqf Computerization Project as on 26th September, 2011 that Madhya Pradesh WB, the first SWB to finish the Digitization Work & storing the Documents in WAMSI-DMS. And on the request of Course Director Shri Najmi, the IT Cell staffs of M.P. Waqf Board performed the demonstration of Waqf Record Computerization Project at RCVP Naronha Administrative and Management Academy Bhopal on 28th September, 2011.

Yearly auction of the agricultural land of the Waqfs 

To enhance the income of the waqfs, the agricultural land attached to the Waqfs, is being auctioned through the Collectors of the concerned districts. A supervision committee consisting of concerning SDM, President of the district Waqf committee and Mutawalli of concerned Waqfs look after the transparent process of the auction.

Remuneration to Imam & Moazzin

Remunerations @ Rs.1000/- to Imams and Rs.800/- every month to Moazzins of Mosques having no source of income in Bhopal, Sehore, & Raisen Districts are also being given.

Development of Waqf properties

In order to develop the Waqf Properties and increase their income, the Board has taken a keen step, for this the following points are being considered :
1. The commercial buildings are being constructed on the Urban Waqf lands with the assistance of CWC. 6 Waqf Lands have been developed under the development scheme of the Central Waqf Council so far. 16 Urban Waqf Lands are being constructed with the help of CWC which are about to be completed. The multiple income generation is being expected by the above development alongwith the increasing in the Waqf Properties in numbers.
2. Keeping this view the local management committees are being motivated to develop other Urban Waqf Lands and the places are being identified, particularly the lands which are situated at Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur.
3. The Board tries its level best to generate more income from the waqf properties by taking the rents as per the market rate which more income is expected.
4. The Agricultural lands are auctioned by the Tahsildars of their respective tehsils. The Board has started to auction the agricultural lands itself. In result the income of the waqf agricultural lands have been increased multiple.

Development of the Waqf properties through CWC:

Sno. Waqf  Name District Loan Sanctioned
1 Mansori Masjid Guna 0,78,000.00
2 Masjid Peer Ali Kattal Dhar 0,94,000.00
3 Masjid Sabzee Faroshiean Ganj Basoda Vidisha 1,00,000.00
4 Masjid Pindiran Dhar 3,85,000.00
5 Masjid Moman Wadi Dhar 3,72,000.00
6 Masjid Mulla Hayti Burhanpur Khandwa 7,50,000.00
7 Masjid Hindustani Bhuranpur Khandwa 7,50,000.00
8 Masjid Tana Gujri,Burhanpur Khandwa 7,10,000.00
9 Masjid Khanqah Burhanpur Khandwa 7,50,000.00
10 Takiya Dargah Shah Husain Khudanuma ,Burhanpur Khandwa 2,22,000.00
11 Shubania Anjuman Islamiya Bilaspur 2,50,000.00
12 Madarsa Riyazul Uloom Sironj Sironj 12,10,000.00
13 Masjid Sanvara Gate,Bhuranpur Khandwa 7,50,000.00
14 Masjid Dorashahi Bhuranpur Khandwa 7,50,000.00
15 Masjid Nawab A.Raheem Khan ,Bhuranpur Khandwa 7,50,000.00
16 Masjid Gujreewali Bhuranpur Khandwa 3,20,000.00
17 Dargah Madar Shah,Madargate Ujjain 88,96,000.00
18 Qabrastan Radhogarh Guna 5550000.00
19 Anjuman Islahul Muslamin Indore 80,00,000.00
20 Masjid Akhada, Dewas Dewas 75,00,000.00
21 Chilla Dargah Baba Azeezkhedi Mandsour Pending
22 Waqf Farath Saray Harda Prnding
23 Masjid Sadar Bazar Indore Pending
24 Jama Masjid Chawni Indore Pending

(a) 20 proposals for the development of the urban Waqf properties in the State have been sanctioned by the Central Waqf Council so far.
(b) Four major projects have been sent for the approval to the Central Waqf Council.

Modernization of Waqf Board Office

In fact the building where presently the office of M.P. Waqf Board is situated was in very old damaged and weak condition due to very old construction. Now the same has been renovated recently in order to give it decent and enlightened look as per requirement of time.

Income Generation

The M.P. SWB has taken initiatives to increase the Waqf Revenue which has resulted by generating total income from the all Waqf Properties during the financial year 2011-12(Approx) 18.00 crores. Under Section-72 Waqf Act, 1995, the Board has received 1,22,95,172/- as Chanda Nigrani(Waqf Revenue) which is a tremendous result as compared to the past financial years.

Formation of Various Committees

For the better management and to increase the income of the waqf properties the Board has decided to constitute the District Waqf Committees, Tehsil Waqf committees and Management Committees of the Waqf Properties individually on the priority basis. The Waqf Management Committees of major waqf estates whose income is one lac or more then one lac have almost been constituted so far. The effort has created the awareness in the state for the development of the Waqf Properties which has given the better result in the shape of income increasing

Encroachment removel activities

Encroachment problem on Waqf properties in M.P. is a burning issue.To vacant the Waqf Properties from the various type of encroachers, the M.P. State Waqf Board has driven a special mission. In this regard, 4129 cases have been registered under section 54 so far. 1042 out of total registered cases have been disposed off and in 389 cases, to remove the encroachment from the relating Waqf properties, the SDMs have been requested to take action to implement the order of the CEO of the Board under section 55 of Waqf Act,1995 for eviction.

Inauguration of District Level Waqf Conference

It is very difficult to feed the date in the online modules provided the by Ministry of Minority Affairs & NIC-PMU(Waqf) New Delhi which is result of invalidated information available in the Board. Regarding this, the M.P. SWB invited the Chairman and Secretaries of all districts of M.P. to attend a one day waqf conference at Bhopal on February 15, 2012. This programme has given the awareness in the entire state regarding waqf matters and the Board has a favorable expectation from them in the completion of the Waqf Record Computerization Project. The information has been started to come to this office. After legal procedure the updated information has been started to feed in the online WAMSI Modules.

Official website: www.mpwaqfboard.org

M. P. Waqf Board, Bhopal has launched its own official website inorder to provide facility to keep the records updated in respect of Waqfs and Waqf properties situated all over the State.

Contacts with the Government Officials

Regular contacts have been made by the Board officials with the Collectors, Sub Divisional Magistrates and Tehsildars to make the Waqf properties encroachment free, so as to increase Waqf revenue continuously